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Welcome To The Pascarella Law Group, PLLC

Longtime colleagues Lisa M. Pascarella and Stephanie A. DiVita have spent their entire career developing a team of individuals who provide exceptional service to their clients in the defense of product liability, toxic tort, and general liability matters. Often recognized as a firm that can discuss any case in detail at any time, client service and the involvement in the day-to-day management and direction of firm matters is their steadfast top priority. We at The Pascarella Law Group, PLLC believe that you can provide a skilled and strategically designed defense at a competitive price without sacrificing talent and experience. We believe a good litigator is one who can interface with clients, reach back upon prior experiences and recognize and reward new ideas and abilities. We communicate effectively and routinely with our client base and provide a full service litigation package. We instill these core beliefs in everything we do and in every relationship we form.

With over 40 years of combined litigation experience, our founding partners couple their seasoned skills with fresh ideas and approaches to provide incomparable representation to their clients. Our firm consists of outstanding attorneys with proven records, fierce negotiators with established reputations who obtain nationally recognized consistent results, and case managers with innovative techniques and methods to ensure cost control and efficient handling at every level.

We strictly follow the guiding principle that each case is equally important, whether it be an individual matter or a mass group of cases requiring surgical precision at each facet of litigation. Our practice is organized and strategically designed to navigate through the life of the case, providing keen solutions to complex issues from inception to trial. We are methodical in our defense approach from receipt of the Complaint and bring a competitive edge to our clients, unmatched by our competitors. Each of our cases is directly supervised by a partner and our team has been trained and designed to develop and identify the case strategy early in the discovery process. Expert legal and record analysis, medical evaluations, early client conferences and communications, and assistance from qualified experts, allow our attorneys to determine issues of liability, proximate cause and damages, and to assess the feasibility of dispositive motions early in the case to ensure either prompt resolution or a thorough, efficient, comprehensive defense.